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Anne Marie Graham - Paintings 2013 - 2018

When approaching the rapturous paintings of Anne Marie Graham we find a subtle but distinct visual logic at work. This logic speaks of a sense of order but also of a need to explore, and to discover the rich spectrum of life. Through her paintings Graham extends a hand to guide us through an intricate web of verdant, bucolic scenes rich in gaiety and wonder. The notion of taking a walk inside a painting has been active for over five centuries of art but never more so than in Graham’s blissful visions of the world through kaleidoscope-coloured glasses.... Read More >>


Anne Marie Graham - Works on Paper and Prints

Anne Marie Graham has forged a very personal place in Australian art. Her early training in Vienna gave her a strong sense of design, and her work is enjoyed precisely because of her concentration on form and colour for their own sakes. All her works are based on principles of formal simplicity, a delight in linear structure and visual and emotional immediacy.... Read More >>


Matthew Petrucci

The human form is timeless, and it will always have a certain appeal because we as humans, can identify with the emotions expressed, and the form that it portrays; through body language and gesture. My figures are not happy or sad, just kind of present, but you know they have a story. Colour helps to amplify their intrigue, mystery and warmth.... Read More >>


Peter Allen-Ankins

Peter is a talented artist based on the Sunshine Coast. He has artworks in galleries, businesses and homes. Contact us if you are interested in a specific piece, or if you want to commission one.... Read More >>


Rowdy Warren

Rowdy is as Rowdy does – he is unto himself and creates art and vision like none other. His influences are varied but always true, strong and derivative of his vision and soulfulness.... Read More >>


Helena Lillywhite

ARTIST STATEMENT I like to portray a sense of emotion within my work, I find horses and figures are the best way for me to show this and often use these as my subject. I am strongly drawn to the contrasts of light and shade and like to experiment with this in my work with the use of contrasting planes, abstractions and negative spaces.... Read More >>


Gordon Roberston

Esthetic and organic sculpture in marine grade steel. Often powder coated and rusted finishes.... Read More >>


Rimmer's work looked so deeply into Africa's heart that you could almost feel the heat and taste the dust.... Read More >>