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Peter Coad

Peter's paintings are distinctive, powerful, and full of vitality, individuality and perception. He is a confident artist who uses vibrant colours for his vigorous.... Read More >>


Mathew Petrucci

The human form is timeless, and it will always have a certain appeal because we as humans, can identify with the emotions expressed, and the form that it portrays; through body language and gesture. My figures are not happy or sad, just kind of present, but you know they have a story. Colour helps to amplify their intrigue, mystery and warmth.... Read More >>


Sabina DÁntonio

Sabina’s coastal abstract paintings are inspired from her own photographic passion of capturing the raw beauty Mother Nature creates over time, rusted metals, peeling paint, anything weathered.... Read More >>


Rachel Rovay

My artwork, thematically deals with the urban environment, the everyday and the passing of time. I find unexpected visual narratives in the everyday life and have discovered that there is nothing everyday about everyday life any more.... Read More >>


Schahan Marriott

Schahan Marriott had a sharp eye for design and went on to complete her Visual arts Degree in 2001 where she majored in photography. While she continued to explore her passion in the arts she also went on to study early learning education where she has been working in Primary school education for over 17 years. Finding an abundance of inspiration from the imaginations of children, she draws from their sense of freedom to explore the world through fresh eyes and without pre conceded notions of the way the world is supposed to be, but rather how you see yourself in the world.... Read More >>


Graeme Myrteza

Inspired by traditional Australian landscape painters Graeme paints the Australian bush.... Read More >>


Gordon Roberston

Esthetic and organic sculpture in marine grade steel. Often powder coated and rusted finishes.... Read More >>


Charles Wilcox

Charles’ work is a reflection and representation of his love of the sea, adventure and travel.... Read More >>


Rowdy Warren

Rowdy is as Rowdy does – he is unto himself and creates art and vision like none other. His influences are varied but always true, strong and derivative of his vision and soulfulness.... Read More >>