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Nicole Allen

Ever since the first human scratched in sand an outline of another human, artists have been striving to portray their own interpretation of the human form. Very few have achieved perfection. And nor should they. It is ‘the’ on-going struggle, of all figurative artists. Like those figurative artists before her, Nicole is constantly striving to explore the many different, and un-expected representations of the human form. Her works haven’t, nor ever will be confined to just one medium, or one representation.... Read More >>


Alan Annells

Alan has come from a career in advertising and design. He graduated from Maidstone College of Art (UK) with Honours in Graphic Design in 1970. His career as an art director saw him work in England and Australia. In 1986 he established Response Design, a multi disciplined design consultancy. He was creative director shaping the visual direction of many national and international brands.... Read More >>


Marian Blank

I have always loved pictures and have been painting for as long as I can remember. Still life interests me a great deal. I love the sense of order and intimacy that can be felt in a still life picture. We are surrounded by still life in our domestic lives and it is often the simplest combinations of colours, textures and patterns that I find the most beautiful. Colour provides my greatest inspiration and joy when I paint and most of my paintings start with a sense for the colours I feel like working with. The selection of flowers, fruits, crockery and fabric are all in response to that initial colour feeling.... Read More >>


Krassimir Bekyarov

Krassimir Bekyarov - I am born and raised in Bulgaria but I am calling Australia my home since 2015. My first encounter with ceramics happened many years before then though. At a very young age I found out that I am fascinated by this versatile material which can translate itself into the most unique forms the imagination can create. This led me to leaving my home town at the age of 14 and going to study in the small Bulgarian town Troyan which is “the capital” of the pottery arts and crafts in the country. I started my professional journey in the world of ceramics in the most renowned pottery crafts high school in the country where I learnt the traditional wheel throwing and hand building techniques used in the entire Balkans region. After graduation I already knew that my professional path as an artist will be the one of a ceramicist, so I continued my studies in the National Academy of Fine Arts in Bulgaria where I explored the material beyond its functional application in the context of modern contemporary art. I became very passionate about drawing and painting, which later on I started to incorporate in my ceramic objects. As a passionate and dedicated young artist I participated and won many competitions and awards, including a national art award handed in by the Prime Minister of the country.... Read More >>


Michael Berry

Although not formally art-trained - (a blessing he asserts) - Michael says “I have been taught the universal visual language by all the great masters of every era”, and passionately studies everyone from Tiepolo and Titian to Miro, Braque and Picasso and beyond to Pollock, Tobey, Gorky, Krasner, Cornell, Nevelson and Matta. Working outside mainstream commercial flow, Michael’s own painting, drawing, assemblage and sculpture is cutting-edge abstraction – “symphonic space” as he terms it - and as such is synonymous with his exploration of the manner in which the human mind functions in images. However, he is sympathetic to the genuine exploration of representational-realist painting and drawing, as without solid grounding in that structure, abstraction as the consummate visual language cannot occur.... Read More >>


Sarah Boulton

My work reflects my love of pattern and texture and the way I see, feel and experience the world around me. I am drawn to the natural environment. My home in the bushland of Central Victoria is a powerful influence. The trees and wildflowers, creeks, hills, rocks and animals all find their way into my work and seasonal changes drive new explorations, particularly the abundance and vibrancy of Spring.... Read More >>


Ji Chen

Ji Chen was born in Shanghai, China. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Shanghai Drama Academy in 1984, and later worked as chief set designer for the Beijing Opera Theatre Company of China.... Read More >>


D’Arcy Doyle

D’Arcy W. Doyle was a 20th-century Australian painter known for his nostalgic depictions of his home country. Throughout his images of the outback and historical Australian scenes, he worked in a realist style reminiscent of the illustrations of American painter Norman Rockwell. Doyle has a deep affinity with the Australian bush and his work focuses on horses, sheep, drovers, and other farm activities as well as children's games and sport. D'Arcy Doyle gives us a nostalgic impression of post-war Brisbane and Ipswich as he recalls it. D'Arcy's work was very well known as he marketed many of his paintings as prints, which were very popular with the public and which were also licensed for use on calendars and biscuit tins. It was estimated that 1 in 10 Australian homes had one of his works in some form.... Read More >>


Belinda Ding

Belinda Ding is a Melbourne based Bayside Artist who specialises in Modern Abstract Art . Combining her love of cooking while raising her four children she has been able to also pursue her passion for art. Belinda originally worked with oils but after experimenting with pouring mediums and acrylic paints feel in love with the explosive organic flows they create. After many years of building an understanding and relationship with her techniques Belinda has evolved as a passionate Artist. She draws her inspirations from Australian nature, modern day designers and colour. Belinda's art is available via Commission or from selected Galleries and Interior Designers .... Read More >>


Suzy French

Suzy has been working with oil paints on aluminium panels for 8 years. The innovative use of this sub straight in a fine art environment has required a great deal of research and development. The final product today is totally archival, sealed to protect the aluminium and the painted surface. So versatile, these works can hang outside in a covered, outdoor living area.... Read More >>


Anne Marie Graham

Anne Marie Graham has forged a very personal place in Australian art. Her early training in Vienna gave her a strong sense of design, and her work is enjoyed precisely because of her concentration on form and colour for their own sakes. She is not a “naïve” artist in any strict sense, but nevertheless all her works are based on principles of formal simplicity, a delight in linear structure and visual and emotional immediacy.... Read More >>


Victor Greenaway

For me, it is the idea that is the principle element; the material is of less consequence. Where the fine clays of porcelain and bucchero were once my usual media of choice, I found myself looking at other means to express those ideas. Accordingly I set up a painting studio in Umbria Italy in 2007 so that I could concentrate my attention on the 2-dimensional works. While painting has always been a personal and private passion, it in no way replaces or impedes my work as a ceramic artist. On the contrary, it enhances the creative process by introducing new elements to my work such as colour and pictorial expression.... Read More >>


Catherine Hamilton

Much of my work is produced from recollections – recollections of experiences, emotional responses and visual memory. This particularly applies to my portrait and landscape works. I often put together small sketches using pencil, charcoal or pen and ink, initially worked from life. I make a record of the colours; collecting colours from the landscape, the seashore. I set up unusual still life to create ideas.... Read More >>


Pete Groves

Pete Groves was born in Melbourne where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at Swinburne Institute of Technology and began to make a living from painting while living for several years in Mexico. He continues to exhibit in numerous successful solo and group exhibitions each year. Pete Groves' work is represented in private collections in Australia, USA, Japan and London, including the BHP Billiton London collection. st... Read More >>


Steve Harris

“Harris has become well known for his impeccably painted still life compositions, his skilful use of light, shadow and space being a hallmark of his approach. He generally tends to depict objects which have an everyday function or perhaps have even been discarded, but the work is about much more than simple representation. Harris is a master of understated realism which in turn evokes its own sense of ‘atmosphere’ and contemplative mood. His works have been described as ‘meditations in light’; and this is very much the feeling one has when attending one of Harris’s exhibitions – a type of reflective silence emanates from the paintings and imbues them with a spiritual quality that one would not, perhaps anticipate.”... Read More >>


Karen Hopkins

Karen an exhibiting artist for over 20 years has works in numerous corporate and private collections both nationally and internationally. Her recent abstract paintings draw on themes inspired by nature, emotions, human interactions and virtues within us. Using colour, texture, form and rhythm she aims to take the viewer on a journey and explore the deeper levels that connect us all.... Read More >>


Annee Kelly

Drawing and painting have always been a passion for me and an integral part of my life. From the beginning of my adventure with art, I have tried different mediums but invariably return to watercolours. The unpredictability and transparency of watercolour together with the constant challenge one faces when confronted with this capricious medium, has always held a fascination for me. Whilst I have painted extensively in Australia and in particular, in rural, urban and coastal Victoria, Europe, mainly France and Italy, have presented me with an endless source of inspiration. Whether it is the assembly of interesting shapes, the harmony of colour, the mood created by a certain time of day, the manner in which the sun dances across the form creating intriguing patterns of light and shadows and transforming a somewhat banal subject into a magical one, these are all triggers which prompt me to try and capture on paper not merely an illustration but the essence of a place imbued by its atmosphere and mystery.... Read More >>


Chris Kandis

Much of the subject matter Chris paints relates to the beautiful Australian landscape. His paintings are highlighted by energetic brush and palette knife work with texture, colour and expression. The boldness and design of his work is highlighted by the subtle mood and atmosphere he is able to effectively capture in his paintings.... Read More >>


Stewart Westle

Stewart was born in Adelaide, 1952, where he developed a love for art at school. On leaving school he committed to practice enthusiastically; he travelled throughout Australia, Asia and Europe and, although largely self taught, completed several painting courses on returning home.... Read More >>


William Linford

William strategically employs elements of repetition in the portrayal of his colorful cricketers, lawn bowlers, carnival performers, lifesavers and chess players. Wearing the same outfits and bemused expressions, his characters are both humorous and thought provoking.... Read More >>


Daniel Romaine

Daniel says: ‘Visions of landscapes appear to me in dots, sometimes they are familiar and other times they are unknown. It is as if my indigenous ancestors are creating the art through me. The visions of landscape are unpredictable and they stay with me – almost haunting me – until they are painted’.... Read More >>


Graham Jones

Much of Graham Jones’ life has been consumed with some sort of artistic venture cover-ing the genres of music, writing and design. He is best known, especially on the Morning-ton Peninsula, for his award-winning design company GRAHAM JONES DESIGN. But it wasn’t until 2015 that he chose painting as a full-time career, a break of 50 years since he had won the school art prize at St. Bede’s College Mentone in 1965.... Read More >>


Zelman Lew

Zelman is a multi faceted artist with a propensity to dream up ideas in unique ways. Often exploring different subjects, his work evolves around central themes that urges interaction with the viewer. He is concerned with imagery that evokes insight and stirs emotion in a way that is sometimes subtle or quite profound. The pictures may either be disturbing or contemplative but they are always meant to be thought provoking.... Read More >>


Colley Whisson

I have always felt I was a painter of light, but now believe if my paintings are to succeed I need to be a good painter of shadows as well. When I am on my travels searching for painting subjects, the signal that tells me I have discovered something worthwhile is when I am so captivated by the scene. Recording my response to it, is more important than anything else.... Read More >>


Graeme Myrteza

. My painting skills are for the most part self-taught, I’ve had no real academic training, although I have attended a few art classes at various points in time. From frequent visits to Melbourne galleries I found my heroes of Australian landscape painting to be Hans Heysen, Frederick McCubbin and Arthur Streeton. I just love the way they captured the Aussie bush! Brett never saw me paint, but I know he's with me when I am painting, he has a part in each work I do and that's why I put his initials in every painting.... Read More >>


Kate Smith

Kate’s work focuses on the female figure, her classically elegant yet highly contemporary images are arresting in their simplicity, but offer an insight into feminity and womanhood. With pastel on board we are able to see, albeit in a voyeuristic fashion, what it is to see life through the eyes of this accomplished artist.... Read More >>


Jenny Taranto

Working in all mediums, Jennifer’s subject matter ranges from botanical to landscape, and abstract to illustration (of Australian Wildlife).... Read More >>


Kevin Orpin

Artist, photographer, filmmaker, designer, traveller. Australian Kevin Orpin is a modern-day Renaissance man with remarkable creative energy and a prolific talent. His early training as an artist cultivated his creative vision and formulated a deep understanding of colour, shape, perspective and proportion. His photographic eye has refined his nuanced expression of light, texture, colour and detail. All of his senses are at work when he paints, communicating a range of emotion on the canvas that instantly establishes a connection and relationship with the viewer.... Read More >>


Peter Smales

Peter was born in London 1958 and began painting in his early teens and has been painting full-time since 1987. He lectured in painting and drawing at Melbourne University from 1986 to 1988. He currently holds classes at the Victorian Artists’ Society and Doncaster-Templestowe Artists’ Society as well as from home. Peter also runs various painting workshops during the year. Drawing his inspiration from nature, Peter’s paintings are principally known for their rich colours, captured moods and impressionistic effects.... Read More >>


It Hao Pheh

It Hao Pheh, born 1972 and raised in multi-faceted Penang, Malaysia. In 1991, he received a full scholarship to study at Malaysian Institute of Art, majoring Fine Art in oil. In 1999, he exchanged Malaysia for the green elds of England in pursuit of an honour degree in Fine Art at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design, University College. After this foreign escapade, he returned to his beloved Malaysia and worked as a gallery curator in Kuala Lumpur for four years. He currently resides with his family in Victoria, Australia.... Read More >>


Gordon Roberston

Esthetic and organic sculpture in marine grade steel. Often powder coated and rusted finishes.... Read More >>


Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens is New Zealand born artist, currently living on the Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria. He was educated in Dunedin, New Zealand, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Otago Polytechnic in 1999. Andrew has received numerous painting awards; most recently receiving ‘Best in Show’ at the Bayside Art Show in 2016. He specialises in local seascape and cityscape paintings.... Read More >>


Tony Sowersby

Tony Sowersby has been a professional artist for nearly three decades. From the early 80’s to the present day he has worked continuously in the fields of both Community and Public Art most often as a muralist, but also as a cartoonist and comic book writer and artist. Tony has painted and directed hundreds of murals especially on the Mornington Peninsula but also around the state and in Tasmania, NSW, S.A. and Papua New Guinea. In recent years Tony’s paintings have been taking both a nostalgic and ironic look at suburban Melbourne especially at night.... Read More >>


Charles Wilcox

Born in Melbourne, Charles developed a passion for art during his school years and went on to gain qualifications in engineering and graphic design. Charles’ work is a reflection and representation of his love of the sea, adventure and travel. Charles hikes along the rugged coastlines of the east coast of Australia, travelling as far as Cape York, where he charters light aircraft to give him access to the most remote beaches. He selects materials that are shaped by the harsh elements of the Australian environment to use in his artworks. Washed-up driftwood, found by chance on a secluded beach that survives a journey across vast oceans. Corrugated iron reclaimed from various overgrown places, scorched by sun and hammered by storms.... Read More >>


Patrick Wong

My work is hot-worked solid glass, influenced by both classical and primitive traditions of sculpture. I am interested in the body as the external expression of an internal existence. In addition to my sculptures I make a range of colourful retro inspired vases, paperweights and sent bottles.... Read More >>


Sarrita King

Sarrita King was born in Adelaide, South Australia on the 5th March 1988. She is the younger sister to fellow artist, Tarisse King and daughter to the late highly regarded artist, William King Jungala (1966 – 2007). Sarrita inherits her Australian Aboriginality from her father who was part of the Gurindji tribe from the Northern Territory. The Gurindji tribe came to public attention during the 1960s and 1970s when members employed by the Wave Hill cattle station led a landmark case which became the first successful land rights claim in Australia. It is this same strong sense of self and pride that Sarrita embodies and it fuels her drive to paint her totemic landscape.... Read More >>


Gaetano Zammit

Gaetano Zammit is now based in Sydney but formerly lived in Melbourne. He presents beautiful bird photography that has been digitally enhanced to bring artistic representation through modifying light and colour in these bird photographs from established Victorian wetlands including the Gippsland Lakes. Presented on canvas through the giclee process and on fine photographic paper, these limited edition works are to be admired and enjoyed.... Read More >>