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Ross Wilsmore

Held in many corporate and private collections both in Australia and overseas Ross Wilsmore's artwork is instantly recognizable. A sensitive colour palette, subtle light situations and distorted perspective all combine to create a surreal mood. Simple everyday scenes with interesting objects juxtaposed and isolated, so as one points to and accentuates the character of the other.... Read More >>


Graeme Myrteza

My name is Graeme Myrteza, proud family man, farmer and painter from the hills of Thorpdale, a small country town in Gippsland, Victoria. I have lived and worked here nearly all of my life. Growing up I guess you would say I was a typical country boy who I loved to fish, hunt and involve myself in all manner of childhood exploits and adventures and it was during these very early years that I began my lifelong artistic journey. As a child I would draw and paint almost all the time.... Read More >>


Peter Coad

Peter Coad is a multi-disciplinarian artist. He has extensively participated in solo and group shows over many years. His work is held in National and International collections.... Read More >>


Richard Watson

In 2003 Richard established Maling Road Gallery in Canterbury which was followed by two more galleries in Hawthorn and Mansfield, a period as Manager of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists and a five-year role as Director of Exhibitions with Without Pier Gallery in Cheltenham.... Read More >>


Greg Jorgensen

Greg Jorgensen has travelled extensively overseas and throughout Australia and is inspired by the Australian landscape. He paints a range of natural features – escarpments, rivers, chasms, floodplains, deserts, saltpans, mountains, forests, waterfalls and gorges. These natural iconic shapes seem to embody landscape with deep meaning.bout Artist... Read More >>


Matthew Petrucci

The human form is timeless, and it will always have a certain appeal because we as humans, can identify with the emotions expressed, and the form that it portrays; through body language and gesture. My figures are not happy or sad, just kind of present, but you know they have a story. Colour helps to amplify their intrigue, mystery and warmth.... Read More >>


Elise Judd

Women are often the focal point of my artwork. I like to explore the place women have in society and the resilience they are able to show when faced with adversity. All my artwork has some form of autobiographical input. This is often reflected in the collage I select. In incorporting collage into my work I feel I can achieve a depth and interest that I could not achieve with paint alone. About Artist... Read More >>


Rowdy Warren

Rowdy is as Rowdy does – he is unto himself and creates art and vision like none other. His influences are varied but always true, strong and derivative of his vision and soulfulness.... Read More >>


Greg Hyde

Greg Hyde’s etchings are produced using zinc plates covered with a protective coating. The image is scratched, in reverse, onto the coating using a sharp scribe tool, allowing the great detail to be achieved. The plates are then dipped in nitric acid which eats into the plate only where the coating has been scribed through. Various effects are achieved by reapplying different protective coatings to certain areas of the plate, and by variations in amount of time different areas of the plate are exposed to the nitric acid. Each etching is then individually inked and printed, and then often coloured by hand.... Read More >>


Lilach Mileikowski

Engaging with issues of cultural place and belonging, my work embodies vulnerability and fortitude. Reflecting on the basic human need to connect, and relating to nature’s malleable way of reproduction, the form is constructed by repetitive elements. The singular is supported by the whole and the whole is united by the singular. Working with clay is a continual dialogue with the form, exploring my ideas through construction. The process is fluid, ideas evolve.... Read More >>


Tony Irving

Tony Irving is a Melbourne-based artist, whose figurative work and often ironic eye capture the world around, whether that world is an inner-urban Australian street, a Baroque square in Sicily, a Los Angeles diner or a contemporary perspective on still life.... Read More >>


Anne Marie Graham - Paintings 2013 - 2018

When approaching the rapturous paintings of Anne Marie Graham we find a subtle but distinct visual logic at work. This logic speaks of a sense of order but also of a need to explore, and to discover the rich spectrum of life. Through her paintings Graham extends a hand to guide us through an intricate web of verdant, bucolic scenes rich in gaiety and wonder. The notion of taking a walk inside a painting has been active for over five centuries of art but never more so than in Graham’s blissful visions of the world through kaleidoscope-coloured glasses.... Read More >>


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