The source of Conchita Carambano’s new work of large format paintings comes from an unrelenting passion and love of interaction with canvas.

The technique is more refined after 35 years as a mid career artist working with both canvas and paper mediums. The progress of the work is not determined by time as her painting schedule may take up 16 hours on any day. The colours, texture and content of her paintings have proven over time to be most intuitive, which explains her success with commissioned works including the National Library in Canberra. 

Conchita’s work has consolidated with her solid reputation as an established, collectible artist. The series depicts an emergence of less abstracted works with small elements of the figurative, which is unlike any of her previous painting. Her work creates a strongly individual interpretation of her natural surroundings and experiences.

Viewing her work is both absorbing and complex. The work is composed of layers, mixed medium detail, and subtleties of colour, light and form.