Sara was born in the UK and was brought up in a creative and artistic family environment.  She was encouraged to nurture and explore her artistic talent and painting emerged as her chosen creative medium.

 In her early twenties Sara moved to Sydney, where she continued to study fine art and develop her unique painting style.  Sara now resides with her husband and children in the Bellarine Peninsula region of Victoria. 

 She has a deep affection for the colours and forms of nature and draws inspiration from the landscape around her.

 Sara Paxton’s bold treatment of subject matter using vivid colour and contemporary form give her paintings a vibrant and unique expressive style. She not only focuses on colour, she communicates through it. Using colour to express the otherwise inexpressible. Her paintings give us a surface to stare at and invite us inward toward something beyond the surface and deep within the painting.

 Sara has participated in numerous solo and shared exhibitions yearly since 2005. She will be part of a shared show at Without Pier Gallery 320 Bay Road Cheltenham in November 2017.

 Sara has developed a strong local and national following and her works are now sought after with increasing demand from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.