Born in New Zealand. Richard Kulma, is a mid-career professional artist based in Melbourne. From an early age he was inspired and tutored by his father – the artist Kazimir ‘Jack’ Kulma.  A thorough grounding in the techniques of painting and sculpture gave him an inevitable direction to pursue art as a career.

Later during his extensive travels he developed and refined his skills as an artist until turning professional in 1976.  Always driven by a powerful creative need, his diversity and depth have sustained him through the tribulations of professional art.

A range of subject matter, experimentation and technique in the pursuit of that always elusive artists’ muse (excellence) has seen his work develop to the stage where he is represented extensively in corporate and private collection throughout Australia, the UK, USA and Asia.  Passion and commitment drive him to continually seek new ground with the tradition of using only the best materials available to create his works.