Penny Sharples is Melbourne based abstract artist who works in oil and cold wax, acrylic and mixed media. An avid traveller, Penny loves to walk the land and experience diverse cultures at a very visceral level. These experiences provide a rich palette of inspiration that permeates her work.

As she plays with colours, form, space and light, recording her emotions and inner musings, eventually a painting reveals itself. She hopes to create artworks that inspire viewers to reflect on the questions and narratives of their lives.


2020 – Without Pier Gallery Coolart Summer Show - Somers

2019-20 Linden Postcards Show Linden New Art, St Kilda Victoria

29 Nov - 14 Dec Small! Exhibition Fortyfivedownstairs Gallery,

2019 Creativity Cluster’s Exhibition “ON THE EDGE” Docklands Library

2019 Creativity Cluster‘s Exhibition Renew Geelong Concept Space,

2018 Small! Exhibition Fortyfivedownstairs Gallery, Melbourne Victoria

2017 Camberwell Art Show Hawthorn, Victoria Australia

2002 New Beginning Exhibition; Arnheim Artist Proof Gallery, Brighton

2001 Artist Proof 20th Birthday Exhibition; Artist Proof Gallery, Brighton



25 February and 4 March 2019, Creative Practice Workshop, Geelong Victoria Australia

 25 February and 14 March 2019, Artist Talk, Renew Geelong Concept Space, Geelong Victoria Australia.


2019 Introduction: Traditional Japanese Ink Painting on Washi Paper, Junko Azukawa, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

 2018 Masterclass - Oil and Cold Wax; Ballinglen Art Foundation, Co. Mayo Ireland

2018 Upscale Your Art: From Hobby to New Career; University of the 3rd Age, Melbourne Victoria, Australia

 2018 Surface Preparation; Chapman & Bailey, Abbottsford Victoria, Australia

2016 Art2Life Creative Visionary Path Program; California, USA

2007-2008 Landscape Design; Burnley College, University of Melbourne Victoria, Australia

 1997-8 Jewellery Design & Fabrication; Autumn Gold, Melbourne Victoria, Australia