Olga Finkel - Biography & Artist Statement:

 Originally from Ukraine, I now live and work in Melbourne. Since my early days I have always had two passions – fashion and art. Graduated as a fashion designer in Ukraine, I had a successful career in both countries as a ladies’ fashion and headwear designer.

And then I found the love of my life – felt.

I saw a felt scarf worn by a friend. It was beautiful – the texture, warmth and blended colours were mesmerising… I wished for a scarf like that, more so, to learn how to create it. Experience as a fashion designer was a good start for exploring this great craft. I started to combine coarse wool, fine merino wool and luxurious silk, I learned many different felting techniques, I learned how to dye wool, experimenting with colours to achieve perfect shades. I took many different art courses.

All of that has led me to develop my own unique way of felting. Using wool and silk like other artists use paint, I make felted pictures, transforming this ancient form of craft to a contemporary art level.  Compelled by a constant refinement of my style, I continue exploring the endless potential of wool.

I thank you very much for your interest in my art.