Krassimir Bekyarov

I am born and raised in Bulgaria but I am calling Australia my home since 2015. My first encounter with ceramics happened many years before then though. At a very young age I found out that I am fascinated by this versatile material which can translate itself into the most unique forms the imagination can create. This led me to leaving my home town at the age of 14 and going to study in the small Bulgarian town Troyan which is “the capital” of the pottery arts and crafts in the country. I started my professional journey in the world of ceramics in the most renowned pottery crafts high school in the country where I learnt the traditional wheel throwing and hand building techniques used in the entire Balkans region. After graduation I already knew that my professional path as an artist will be the one of a ceramicist, so I continued my studies in the National Academy of Fine Arts in Bulgaria where I explored the material beyond its functional application in the context of modern contemporary art.  I became very passionate about drawing and painting, which later on I started to incorporate in my ceramic objects. As a passionate and dedicated young artist I participated and won many competitions and awards, including a national art award handed in by the Prime Minister of the country.

It wasn’t long before I realized that I have outgrown my desired to be recognized through awards and competitions and I focused entirely on my studio work and communicating with the public through exhibiting in some of the best galleries in the country.

My personal apogee came with the opening of my own studio gallery “Terra art” where I had the freedom to express myself through functional and sculptural artworks that were highly appreciated by the public and sold and commissioned throughout almost all countries in Europe, Israel, Kenya, USA and even Australia. 

My inspiration

Creatively, I am most attracted to the concept of minimal art. I like the immediate impact on the senses of clear, pure form and color. In my art I combine this concept with the inherent softness of the ceramic material and its natural qualities.

In my work I create on the edge of function and design and sculpture and fine art. I find it equally interesting to make functional objects and entirely sculptural artworks. My long-lasting passion and interest is to make objects with light where I use the light as additional means of expression.

Over the last 20 years I have created both heavy and colourful works from stoneware, as well as light, pure, neat and monochromatic porcelain objects.