Kevin Orpin – Biography

Artist, photographer, filmmaker, designer, traveller. Australian Kevin Orpin is a modern-day Renaissance man with remarkable creative energy and a prolific talent. His early training as an artist cultivated his creative vision and formulated a deep understanding of colour, shape, perspective and proportion. His photographic eye has refined his nuanced expression of light, texture, colour and detail. All of his senses are at work when he paints, communicating a range of emotion on the canvas that instantly establishes a connection and relationship with the viewer.

 Orpin's work offers the versatile look of both oil and acrylic. He also feels it "captures the essence of the rugged, ethereal and poetic Australian landscape," that provides his greatest inspiration. Orpin expresses his Australian roots in canvases that range from realism to the abstract. It is the latter body of work in particular that has found favour for personal and corporate collectors.

 One of Orpin's artistic revelations came at 36,000 feet when he was flying the length of Australia back to his home in Melbourne. The northern landscapes of the Gulf of Carpentaria to Arnhem Land and the Red Centre spawned a series of paintings that define the beauty and vagaries of nature - from the arid desert to flooded rivers to serene coasts. The result is a collection of images that have a "dreamtime" quality to them.

 Australia is both hero and beneficiary of Orpin's brush and palette knife. His creative eye combined with an unusual palette and uplifting themes produces striking paintings that are not only sublimely real but also distinctly surreal. Just what you might expect from a Renaissance man. He is held in many private and corporate collections.