I have been travelling to Greece for three decades and in April 2019 I returned with 19 fellow travelers to renew my creative spirit and reengage with soul. Renewal and Returns tour led by Brian Clark and Peter O’Conner was as much an inner journey as it was an opportunity to return to the sacred sites of ancient Greece, explore their myths, contemporary culture and landscapes. from the shapes, colours and textures of the Australian landscape. The unique contrasting areas he has lived in appear in his paintings – from the stark red deserts of Western Australia to the rich ocean life surrounding Palm Island in Queensland. The flora and fauna and ancient landforms are portrayed through intricate mapping of a myriad of places and events in abstract form.

 ‘Here at Without Pier, we have gotten to know this man and seen his incredible ability and major achievements through adversity. We have been fortunate to have displayed Daniel’s work for over a decade. We are really excited to bring Daniel Romaine’s exhibition entitled “Endure” into the one space for people to enjoy and appreciate.

Terry Earle     Director WOPG