Early in his career Bruce moved to Melbourne from South Australia to attend Art school from 1966 - 1968

 He then travelled overseas and, with another Australian, and he set up and ran an Art Studio in London from 1970 – 1974, taking on art projects that came their way.

 In 1975, Bruce returned to Melbourne and set up a similar Design Studio. He specialised in commercial art; painting murals, TV and display prop making, back drops for event companies, photo graphic styling and painting.

 He held a Solo exhibition at Myer Melbourne Gallery in 1975. Then in 1983 he won the Wedgwood Prize, discovering designers in Australia.


Artist Statement

My inspiration has come from many different themes over the years.

I notice obscure aspects of life and places around me that sometimes are not immediately obvious, like, in my latest series of paintings 'Road Crack Sealing’ during my daily walks with my dog! That then forms initial concept for the artworks.

The colour palette may change from bright to mono tones depending on the new creative ideas.

I`m interested in the bold clean approach to painting & enjoy the experience on larger canvases.

WIthout Pier Online is delighted to represent Bruce and present these new works to our clients. Bold and graphic, these works will enhance the home or office and bring great joy to the viewer.