In a career now spanning seven decades, Anne Marie Graham has been remarkable in her consistency. Her work continues to evolve and mature; she still makes new discoveries and tries out new ideas. She has in recent years, applied herself to achieve greater tone and depth through textures, while continuing to explore her signature use of non-representational colour.

Through her paintings Graham extends a hand to guide us through an intricate web of verdant, bucolic scenes rich in gaiety and wonder. A rigorous methodology informs each of her works – principles of design and composition that ensure each piece has a fully
functioning internal logic.

She has long been attracted to ornamental parks and public gardens. While much of the detail has been intentionally omitted, Graham takes care to ensure the species of each tree, hedge and flower is true to its type. We may consider ourselves fortunate to have an artist of such tenacious good humour and talent as Anne Marie Graham within our midst.

Simon Gregg
Curator, Gippsland Art Gallery

Anne Marie Graham has forged a very personal place in Australian art. Her early training in Vienna gave her a strong sense of design, and her work is enjoyed precisely because of her concentration on form and colour for their own sakes. All her works are based on principles of formal simplicity, a delight in linear structure and visual and emotional immediacy.
Anne Marie Graham has imagined for us a pleasant and beatific world, a world of rich colour and deeply satisfying compositions. We must thank Anne Marie for the optimistic vision she has created, and for sharing it with us.

Dr Gerard Vaughan, Director, National Gallery of Australia