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Jane Flowers & Karen Hopkins

March 3, 2015

Jane Flowers Artist Statement

Journey noun
An act of traveling from one place to another – a long and often difficult process of personal change and development

“My paintings are based on my travels around Australia, (with a story or two to tell behind every one of them) they are destination inspired, if not driven.

So I have been thinking of the difference and relative importance between journey and destination (you know that old saying to travel gracefully is better than to arrive…) Something I actually don’t agree with – I love every part of traveling! Including the getting and being ‘there’. Possibly something about living in the moment as much as possible…

Then I started thinking about the fact that the making of a painting is a journey with the finished work the destination!”

“The journey becomes the destination.
The destination is the journey.
The journey is the destination.
A destination always involves a journey.”

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