Jane Flowers & Karen Hopkins

Shared Exhibition  4 March – 18 March

Jane Flowers – Journeys

A selection of new works by Jane featuring seascapes with nautical themes and abstract seascapes, along with coastal landscapes.

“My paintings are based on my travels around Australia, (with a story or two to tell behind every one of them) they are destination inspired, if not driven.

So I have been thinking of the difference and relative importance between journey and destination (you know that old saying to travel gracefully is better than to arrive…) Something I actually don’t agree with – I love every part of traveling! Including the getting and being ‘there’. Possibly something about living in the moment as much as possible…

Then I started thinking about the fact that the making of a painting is a journey with the finished work the destination!”

Karen Hopkins – Contemplations

An exhibition of paintings and sculptures

In her latest exhibition “Contemplations” Karen’s vibrant semi-abstract paintings and mixed media sculptures explore some observations of people contrasted with vast spaces in nature. Exploring a cross section of subjects such as:- human feelings  interactions, the myriad of blues of the ocean at different times of day, the sense of space and timelessness of the outback, rolling hills, vineyards, blue mountains the lines and patterns in the desert, and the bark textures and colors in old forests.

Karen Hopkins - A Valley View 120 x 92cm Acrylic on Canvas

Jane Flowers - Heading For Tasman 122 x 152 Oil on Canvas

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